About us

Formed early 2000, HD-Post is a rapidly growing Finnish facility for creative post-production, offering a wide range of services for film and television market. We are specialized in media consulting, media management and conversion, audio/video synchronizing, broadcast finishing and mastering.

HD-Post´s staff are creative and highly experienced people, ready to work with emerging technologies and use innovative workflow solutions in order to help you to deliver your projects with best possible quality.
HD-Post operates in Helsinki in two different locations: Sörnäinen and Lautsaari. Our office in Sörnäinen is located under the same roof with our sister company Devil Rentals. Devil Rentals is Finland´s leading rental house for the RED One Camera, accessories and lenses. Together we can provide you full services from shooting to mastering, offering you the latest digital camera technology and following post-production, delivering all forms of material to suit all tastes.