Welcome to HD-Post´s website!

Formed early 2000, HD-Post is rapidly growing Finnish facility for creative post-production offering services to the film and television market.

With a wide range of services HD-post provides a complete post production solution from data management during shoot through to final delivery.

HD-post's facilities include non-linear editing, databased color grading and digital effects.

On July 2008, HD-post invested on Assimilate Scratch data centric solution. Scratch is currently the only resolution independent finishing tool that work´s with RED raw files natively.

HD-Post operates in Helsinki in two different locations.
Our office in Sörnäinen is located under the same roof with our sister company HD-production. HD-Production is Finland´s leading rental house for the RED One Camera, accessories and lenses. Together we can offer you full services from data management through to 4K color correction.

HD-post´s staff are creative and highly experienced people who are passionate to help you deliver your projects with best possible quality.

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